Teaser Microchip Dicing by Lidrotec

The latest innovation
in wafer dicing technology

LidroCUT® - by Lidrotec

Our innovation combines opposites

Excellent quality and highest precision in cutting microchips and devices (wafer dicing) are the main features of Lidrotec’s innovative laser technology. With it we set new standards for a variety of industries: semiconductor, energy, medicine, electronics and material science. 

While the processing is done by a laser, we use controlled fluids, which perform several crucial functions at the same time: efficient cooling of the workpiece surface (» no heat input - no microcracks), binding and rinsing of nano- and microparticles (» no debris on the surface), and optimization of laser ablation due to the physicochemical interactions between laser beam, liquid and workpiece.

 » Efficient cooling
» Removal of particles
» Precision increase

 » Thermal defects
» Particle deposits
» Surface defects


This unique technology of laser cutting in liquids is characterized by the following features:


  • Quality

    Burr-free and sharp cutting edges lead to less scrap and increase production yield

  • Precision

    Minimal cutting widths and a high aspect ratio increase the number of chips on each wafer

  • Freeform cutting

    We enable new chip designs - thinking outside the box

  • Cleanliness

    The surface of the chips is clean and requires no post-treatment stepse

  • Material independent

    Any material and all material systems can be cut, hence no step-cut or other complex production steps are required

  • Flexibility

    Full cuts, structuring, grooving, functionalization - all possibilities in one machine


Semiconductor equipment - Made in Germany
Download an information brochure on LidroCUT® technology here.


Lidrotec's laser dicing machine (plug-and-play)


The LidroCUT® production machine is a compact semi-automatic laser machine for processing wafers up to 8" diameter and 1 mm thickness. On request, 12" diameters and full automation for OHT are also possible.

The reliable processing is done by laser ablation in liquids and offers excellent cutting quality, highest precision and maximum yield and output.

The machine is suitable for any materials (metals, ceramics, semiconductor materials like Si, SiC, GaAs, glasses, etc.) and multilayer material systems (like copper on silicon, low-k-materials, ceramics, etc.).

Possible applications are full cuts, engraving, scribing, structuring, edge grinding and trimming.

» Reduce your material, process and production costs

The excellent quality of the cutting edges drastically reduce scrap compared to conventional dicing processes


» Increase your productivity

Precision and narrower cutting edges lead to higher yield per wafer and thus to an increase in total throughput


» Reduce your manufacturing complexity

Cut any material and any material system without multi-step manufacturing processes


» Produce more sustainably

Reduce material consumption through higher cutting quality and benefit from a wear-free process


» Develop new and more efficient product designs

With a free choice of materials and the ability to perform free-form cuts, chip innovations are virtually limitless


Use Cases

We work together with well-known companies from the semiconductor industry

Would you also like to get to know Lidrotec's technology and test it for your applications? We are happy to perform feasibility studies and demonstrations. Please contact us!


We are a strong and well-coordinated team

An idea started by four friends is now the most innovative technology in the wafer dicing industry. With different backgrounds and experiences, together we combine a diverse know-how and call ourselves experts in the field of laser processing due to more than 24 years of practical experience. 

  • Alexander Igelmann
    Alexander Igelmann
    CEO & Co-founder

  • Jan Hoppius
    Jan Hoppius
    CTO & Co-founder

  • Alexander Kanitz
    Alexander Kanitz
    CINO & Co-founder

  • Jannis Köhler
    Dr.-Ing. Jannis Köhler
    COO & Co-founder

People: People give Lidrotec its true value

We believe in a work environment that is comfortable and familiar, characterized by togetherness, and where everyone is welcomed with respect regardless of gender, background or lifestyle. We foster a healthy team spirit by pushing each other to explore our potential and overcome successes and setbacks together. 

Innovation: Innovation is in our genes

We foster an environment of creativity, curiosity and collaboration where our employees have the freedom to implement their innovative ideas and improve processes and structures within Lidrotec. 

Precision: Precision is synonymous with our technology and work ethic

In our work, we place more emphasis on accuracy and precision than on speed. Our high quality, focused and precise solutions and services reflect our work ethic and the ongoing motivation of our employees to continuously learn and achieve high precision in all areas.


Awards, networks and partners

  • 2022 Grand Price Winner #RBPC

    2022 Grand Price Winner #RBPC

    The Rice Business Plan Competition (#RBPC) is the largest and richest startup competition. It is hosted by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, Rice University's internationally recognized initiative to promote entrepreneurship, and Rice Business. Lidrotec beat out 42 international startups to emerge with 1st place as the "2022 Grand Prize Winner". 

  • Luminate Cohort 5 2022 Rochester

    Luminate winner


    Luminate is the world's largest business accelerator for optics, photonics and imaging (OPI) startups, selecting 10 companies from around the world for the program each year. Through Empire State Development (ESD), it was announced that we are in Cohort 5. The multi-week program will take place in Rochester NY.


  • EPIC Member

    700. EPIC member


    The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) is the industrial association that promotes the sustainable development of organizations working in the field of Photonics in Europe. Lidrotec joined EPIC and is the 700th member. We are very happy to be a part of the network and looking forward to technology partnerships.


  • Autodesk Technology Impact2

    Autodesk Technology Impact

    Lidrotec is part of the Autodesk Technology Impact program. We are pleased to be able to use Autodesk software for the development of our products.

Career at Lidrotec

Are you ready to innovate? Then become a part of the team - become a Lidronaut!

At Lidrotec you have the opportunity to become part of an emerging hardware startup, grow together with us and establish a new technology.

Are you looking for an exciting thesis (bachelor's or master's thesis), a mini-job as a student trainee or an internship? Feel free to contact us, because we are always looking for committed and motivated personalities.



Contact us!

We will be happy to give you a detailed insight into our technology, discuss the possibilities of feasibility studies and contract manufacturing, and advise you on all aspects of wafer dicing in liquids.